How Does Bathmate Work?


The Bathmate is a hydro pump device designed to enhance sexual performance and potentially promote temporary enlargement of the penis. It works on the principle of using water pressure to create a vacuum effect, which increases blood flow to the penis and encourages tissue expansion.

Here’s a general overview of how the Bathmate works:

Bathmate is an effective penis enlargement solution that works either in a bathtub or the shower.

When worn, Bathmate creates a vacuum around the penis. This vacuum draws blood into the penis, quickly giving the user an erection, with continued use resulting in a harder, long-lasting erection – a completely scientific process. Following the correct use of a vacuum pump, 90% of users experienced restored sexual function and increase penis size.


When creating a vacuum around the penis with a hydropump, the pressure on its surface significantly lowers and the list of needed and useful effects for penis enlargement appear:

  1. Elastic construction of the penis which is constantly resisting the atmosphere pressure experiences less inner load and expands in volume.
  2. The increase of volume of the penis attracts the blood to the cavernous bodies, spreading the smooth muscles in the penis and at its base.
  3. Due to the inner arterial pressure, the blood rushes even stronger towards the area of the penis, filling up the expanded spongy body with itself, the cavernous bodies, and caverns.

This way, regulated and artificial erection appears, which drastically exceeds the natural erection.

All tissues of the penis, walls, cavernous bodies, and caverns experience strong, even, and proportionate stretch and increase in volume in only 15 minutes.

Choose Hydropump Based On Your Penis Size

Make sure you choose the right size to maximize performance. Measure the length and thickness of your penis when erect. Then select the range of penis length below. If you not unsure about your size? Click here to learn our size guide

Up to 5 Inches

Between 5 to 7 Inches

Between 7 to 9 Inches

More Than 9 Inches

It’s important to note that the effects of using the Bathmate are typically temporary, and any size gains experienced are usually temporary and may diminish shortly after use. It’s also crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, avoid excessive or prolonged use, and consult a healthcare professional or urologist before using any penis enhancement product.

Please remember that individual results may vary, and it’s essential to use the Bathmate or any similar device responsibly and within your comfort level.