How To Choose A Pump Range

How To Choose Bathmate Pump Range

Welcome to our guide on choosing the perfect Bathmate pump range! We will help you understand your size, the different ranges available, and factors to consider when choosing the right pump.

Understanding Your Size

Before getting a Bathmate pump, it’s important to understand your size to find the right fit. Measure your erect penis and use our size chart on our website to determine your Bathmate pump range.


The length of your penis is an important factor to determine the right pump range. Choose the one that allows a proper seal around your penis.


Measure the circumference of your penis and choose a Bathmate pump range that has enough space for expansion without leaving any air pockets.

Different Bathmate Pump Ranges

We offer different pump ranges to cater to different penis sizes. These range from the Hydro series, Hydromax, to the latest addition, HydroXtreme.

Hydro Series

Bathmate Hydro Series is a great for beginners with smaller penises. It comes in three colours, and is designed for a comfortable and safe pumping experience.

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Hydromax Series

The Hydromax Series comes with more power and adjustable accessories for a more customized experience. It’s also available in five different sizes.

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HydroXtreme Series

The newest release from Bathmate, designed for the more well-endowed individuals. It comes with a handball pump, and is perfect for those seeking maximum growth.

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Bathmate Size Chart