Hydro Series

the very first collection of hydropumps

The Bathmate Hydro series (formerly known as the Hercules), is Bathmate’s original, best-selling penis pump. Come with revolutionary design and impressive results, this easy-to-use device enables you to gain all the benefits of pumping for penile health. This pump particularly recommended for beginners as a safe and convenient way to practice penile rigidity exercises.

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Bathmate Hydro series is the original Bathmate device and was launched over 10 years ago, yet still remains the most popular penis pump on the market today.

This pump is a sealed, one-piece system making the device incredibly easy to use and clean. The premium gaiter is designed for comfort, durability, and enhanced suction whilst the Hydro7 cylinder includes a handy measurement guide along with a simple, safe and easy-to-use pressure release located at the end of the device. This leading penis enlargement pump can be used in the bath or the shower and although we recommend use of water for optimum comfort and results, this device can be used without if desired.

Here are some potential benefits of using the Bathmate Hydro7:

  • Add up to 3 inches in length

  • Instant visible results

  • Helps you last longer in bed

  • 95% success rate

  • Increase girth by up to 40%

  • Produces rock hard erections

  • Works in the bath, shower

  • 250% more efficient tha air pumps

Bathmate hydro7 series VS another pump

When comparing the Bathmate Hydro7 series to other types of pumps designed for male enhancement, it’s important to consider various factors such as design, features, comfort, effectiveness, and user experiences.

Here’s a comparison between the Bathmate Hydro7 and traditional air-based vacuum pumps:

  • Water-Based Design

    The Bathmate Hydro7 uses water to create a vacuum seal, which can be considered more comfortable than air-based pumps that use only air pressure. Water provides a cushioning effect that reduces the risk of discomfort, pinching, or bruising during usage.

  • Comfort

    Water-based pumps are more comfortable due to the water acting as a natural sealant and cushion. The seal tends to be more uniform, which can lead to a more evenly distributed pressure.

  • Effectiveness

    The water-based design might result in more effective pressure distribution and potentially better results in terms of increased size gains and improved erection quality.

  • Convenience

    The Bathmate Hydro7 is designed to be used during baths or showers, making it convenient to incorporate into daily hygiene routines. This can contribute to consistent usage and potentially better results.

Size Overview

The Hydro7 can accommodate a maximum girth of 46 millimetres (1.81″) and a maximum length of 180 millimetres (7.08″) hence is recommended to those with a starting size of 5-6 inches or less. If you already exceed 6 inches in erect length, we could recommend the purchase of the Hydromax9 or HydroXtreme9.

Batmate Hydro7 is a perfect choice if you’re starting out with penis pumping. This (the very first collection of hydropumps) offer real value for money and build lasting gains. Creating a relatively moderate level of pressure, the Hydro7 lets you begin your penis pump workout gently, quickly building up real gains.

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Bathmate Hydro7 is a powerful, effective choice to start increasing your sexual power, erection strength and overall confidence

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