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The Ultimate Solution for Your Manhood

Unleash the power of hydrotherapy and transform your sex life with Bathmate Hydromax. Say goodbye to flimsy gadgets and ineffective pills – the Hydromax series is the ultimate penis enlarger for bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erections. Don’t wait another day to experience the sexual performance you deserve

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The Next Generation Penis Pump Innovation

Bathmate Hydromax series is a second-range generation that is specially designed for male enhancement and penis enlargement. This pump is an upgraded version of the original Bathmate pumps, adding a full 35% extra power while making the pump easier to use in several key ways

  • Hydrotherapy

    Using the power of water to create a vacuum effect that draws more blood into your penis, safely and naturally.

  • Ideal Pressure

    Bathmate Hydromax applies just the right amount of pressure to optimize blood flow without causing discomfort or pain.

  • Customizable Size

    The Bathmate Hydromax comes in different sizes to match your individual needs.

  • Big Results

    You can expected a larger, stronger, and more attractive penis within weeks of using our device

  • Intensified Orgasms

    Get ready for experience harder erections and explosive orgasms that will leave you gasping for more.

  • Boost in Confidence

    With a bigger and fuller penis, you’ll have the confidence to take your sexual performance to the next level.

What We Upgrade?

add more power

Increased Power

The Hydromax pumps were engineered to provide more power and better suction compared to the earlier models. This enhanced power allowed for a more effective and comfortable pumping experience.


360-Degree Swivel Gaiter

The Hydromax series featured a 360-degree swivel gaiter, allowing for better positioning and a more secure seal around the base of the penis. This design enhancement helped optimize performance and comfort during use.

Comfort Pads

The Hydromax pumps come equipped with additional comfort pads to enhance overall comfort during pumping. These soft pads create a more cushioned experience for the user.

Improved Valve System

The Hydromax series introduces an upgraded valve system, making it easier and more efficient to fill and drain the pump with water. This enhances the vacuum created by the pump and ensures consistent pressure during pumping sessions.

benefits of using the Bathmate Hydromax:

  • Add up to 3 inches in length

  • Instant visible results

  • Helps you last longer in bed

  • 95% success rate

  • Increase girth by up to 40%

  • Produces rock hard erections

  • Works in the bath, shower

  • 250% more efficient tha air pumps

Bathmate Hydromax VS Air Pump

  • Mechanism:

    Bathmate Hydromax pumps use water to create a vacuum and pressure around the penis. The pump is filled with water, and when the user creates a seal around the base of the penis and pumps out water, it generates a vacuum effect, drawing blood into the penis and causing temporary expansion.

  • Comfort:

    Many users find Bathmate pumps to be more comfortable than traditional air pumps. The water-based mechanism often results in a more even pressure distribution and reduces the risk of discomfort or bruising.

  • Safety:

    The water-based design of Bathmate pumps generally reduces the risk of injury and excessive pressure compared to traditional air pumps.

  • Effectiveness:

    Bathmate pumps are considered effective for temporary penis enlargement, improving blood flow, and potentially aiding in addressing conditions like erectile dysfunction.

In summary, Bathmate hydro pumps and traditional air pumps serve similar purposes in terms of temporary penis enlargement and improving sexual health. However, Bathmate pumps are generally preferred by many users due to their water-based mechanism, which tends to offer more comfort and safety benefits compared to traditional air pumps. As with any type of penis enlargement or sexual health device, it’s important to use these devices cautiously, follow manufacturer guidelines, and consult with a medical professional if you have any concerns or pre-existing medical conditions.



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