More Than 9 Inch

More than Nine Inches

To get the right Bathmate fit for maximum results, it is important to know how to measure your penis length, width, and girth. You can use a ruler or measuring tape, while others use a string. Just make sure that whatever you use does not stretch as this can cause inaccurate measurements.

Once you have the size of your penis while erect, you can use this information to find a Bathmate pump that fits you properly. Below is our recommendation for a penis measuring between 9 to 11 Inches in length while erection, and less than 8.5 Inches in girth


The HydroXtreme11 was designed for exceptionally large users, helping to improve their sex life, enhance personal confidence, and far more.

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Note: It’s really worth pointing out just how big the HydroXtreme11 is. It’s estimated that less than 0.01% of people have a penis over 9 inches long – the minimum length required to get maximum results from the HydroXtreme11. Head on over to our penis size guide to find out how to get an accurate measurement and make sure that you get a hydropump that suits your personal requirements.

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Bathmate offers a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty for their products. However, please note that guarantee and warranty terms may vary based on the specific product and the region in which you are purchasing. However, certain conditions and requirements may apply. Be sure to review the terms and conditions associated with the specific product you’re considering.

It’s important to refer to the official Bathmate website or contact their customer support for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their guarantee policies.