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Whether you’re naturally well endowed or have graduated from one of our other penis pump models, Hydromax9 is a perfect match for you. One of our ultra-large hydropumps, Hydromax9 will help you develop even more gains, while building up a major improvement for erection quality and lasting power.

For those measuring between 7 and 9 inches when erect, the Hydromax9 creates real results – a recent survey found that a full 92%* of Hydromax users were satisfied with their pump’s performance, with lasting gains typically appearing after about a month’s regular use.

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Enhance your erection quality


  • Instant visible results
  • Helps you last longer in bed
  • Produces rock hard erections
  • 250% more efficient tha air pumps
  • Works in the bath, shower
  • 95% success rate


100% Money Back Guaranteed

We are confident that you will love Bathmate products that we offer. Try it, use it, feel the benefits for yourself and if you are not happy for any reason send it back to us within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.


The Bathmate Hydromax (the evolution of the original Bathmate Hydro Series) has been designed for those who want to take their penis enlargement to the next level and experience 35% more suction resulting in even better male enhancement results.

Hydromax pumps can be used to temporarily increase the size or firmness of erection, as well as being a drug-free aid in achieving erection for those with erectile difficulties.

Because they utilize warm water instead of air, many people find Bathmate Hydromax to be a more comfortable and effective pumping option. Using warm water in the pump helps increase circulation and tissue elasticity during the pumping process.

Also, due to the design of these water pumps, users are less likely to “overpump” with Bathmate pumps, keeping the vacuum pressure at a lower and healthier level.


add more power

Increased Power

The Hydromax pumps were engineered to provide more power and better suction compared to the earlier models. This enhanced power allowed for a more effective and comfortable pumping experience.


360-Degree Swivel Gaiter

The Hydromax series featured a 360-degree swivel gaiter, allowing for better positioning and a more secure seal around the base of the penis. This design enhancement helped optimize performance and comfort during use.

Comfort Pads

The Hydromax pumps come equipped with additional comfort pads to enhance overall comfort during pumping. These soft pads create a more cushioned experience for the user.

Improved Valve System

The Hydromax series introduces an upgraded valve system, making it easier and more efficient to fill and drain the pump with water. This enhances the vacuum created by the pump and ensures consistent pressure during pumping sessions.

Better Fit, Better Results

Hydromax9 will fit if your erect penis measures between 7 – 9In | 18 – 23cm In length, and less than 7.6In | 19cm In girth

If you already exceed 9 inches in erect length, we could recommend the purchase of the HydroXtreme11 model.


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1 review for Hydromax9

  1. Graciela

    Pump fits me good but a little heavy to use in the shower with the water weight. Still happy with my purchase. Previously owned a Bathmate Hercules and after 3yrs I am upgrading after some astounding results.

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