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Bathmate Accessories

Here we have designed a full range of accessories to help you get the very best from your pump, whether that means enhancing your sex life or taking care of your Bathmate.

Below, you’ll see all of our Bathmate Accessories, though you can also check out our sections for a closer look at each category:

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  • Extra Kit
  • Sexual Pleasure
  • Cleaners
  • Extras


Bathmate Shower Strap


Bathmate HydroVibe


Bathmate Capsul Case

Sold Out

Vibe Ring


ultramale kit


Bathmate Trim


Shower pump holder


ultramax rise


Locking Valves cap


Maxout Serum


Bathmate Maximus Vibe


Bathmate Lube


Long Insert Pad


Bathmate Prostatepro


Bathmate hydro rocket


Deluxe Grooming kit

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